Long Term Car Hire in Melbourne

Long Term Car Rental in Melbourne with an Added Bonus

When buying a new or used car, the most common method is to take out a car loan to finance the purchase. If, however, you have a poor credit score or insufficient credit history, this option may not be open to you. That’s where we can help you out with Melbourne long term car rental.

Many companies offer long term car hire in Melbourne but in most cases, the vehicle goes back to the dealer upon completion of the agreement. But with our agreement, you not only get to use a new or quality used vehicle for the term of the contract, but you actually become its owner once the agreement is completed successfully.

What Our Clients Say

They have the best team, taking care of their customer. I got a very good car with low payment. Very happy now. Thanks guys.

James Nguyen

Service is outstanding... It was quick and easy we got our car within 24hours and the car was in mint condition with less than 100km. Our family have been dealing with Travis for years and will always go back

Celine Esera

superstar salesman Adrian..well this guy I admit I gave him tough times to choose a car .. verrry professional..verrry down to earth..all the staff are great ladies in the office always welcoming you with a great smile luv u Ak

A.K Sulieman

First class service travis and your team. Keep up with excellent service. Highly recommended...

deemal krishnil

First class service from Travis and the team at AutoFlex. I highly recommend these guys.

Richard Owen

Very good service pleased

Mathew Savage

    How a Long Term Car Lease in Melbourne Can Help

    You’ll only be eligible for a car loan if you meet the lender’s criteria. Some of these are generally straightforward — you must be eighteen years of age or older, an Australian citizen or resident, and able to afford the repayments. The reason many people fail to get a loan is due to their credit score not being good enough. This will be either because they have insufficient credit history, or they have a bad credit record due to defaults or bankruptcy.

    Lenders will often refuse a loan because they’re legally bound to lend responsibly and we’re no different. However, we put more emphasis on your current ability to meet your payments rather than what’s happened in the past. And, since leasing doesn’t involve a credit agreement, there are no high interest charges resulting from your previous problems.

    If leasing is your only option because you can’t obtain a loan, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With our affordable agreements, you can use the car during the contract period and own it fully once you have successfully completed the terms.

    A Simple and Affordable Process

    Our aim is to make the whole process of obtaining a rent to own contract for vehicles as simple and quick as possible. Therefore, we ask you only to:
    • contact us to let us know what you want
    • complete a simple application form that asks the minimum number of questions to establish your identity, residency and ability to pay
    • choose the car you want from our extensive range
    • sign an agreement that sets out payment amounts and frequency over the period of the contract
    • pay a deposit that is much lower than needed to purchase a car by conventional means
    • comply fully with the terms of the agreement.
    If you can do that, the vehicle will become yours on successful completion. Not only that, but you’ll have an improved credit score as a result of making your payments on time and in full. We are very flexible because we want you to achieve the mobility and independence that car ownership brings. So we offer a wide range of models, both new and quality used, and we allow you to increase your deposit to achieve lower payments. If car ownership seems beyond your reach, don’t despair because our rent to buy car solution will allow you to achieve it. Apart from Melbourne we also offer long-term car hire in Brisbane and long-term car hire in Adelaide.

    Now servicing Victoria, South Australia, and Brisbane customers.