Bad Credit Car Financing

How Bad Credit Car Finance Helps You Become Mobile

Having a poor credit rating can be a big problem when you want to acquire a car, whether new or used. Traditional lenders, such as banks, may be reluctant to lend you money so financing your car may seem impossible. Many people can’t manage without a car and don’t have the money to buy one outright, hence, a possible solution is attaining car finance for bad credit which will enable you to be mobile and independent.

When Bad Credit Car Loans Are Necessary and How They Can Help

If you need car finance, bad credit may prevent you from obtaining it from traditional lenders. You may have a bad credit rating if you’ve previously defaulted on debt repayments, had a court judgment against you, have been declared bankrupt or are subject to a debt agreement. You may also find it difficult to obtain finance if you don’t have any credit history or it is very limited, if you’re a casual or part-time worker, or if you are self-employed.

Whatever your credit issues, we may be able to help you with bad credit car finance that will ensure you can obtain the car you need. This will not only enable you to be mobile and independent, increasing your earning potential but will also enable you to increase your credit rating and so make it easier in the future to obtain finance.

If you’re totally honest when making your application and take on a loan that you can afford, you’ll be able to make all due payments without defaulting and will pay off the loan in full and on time. That will establish a credit history if you haven’t got one and will help you clear your bad credit rating.

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    Value for Money Car Finance

    Inevitably, a bad credit rating may result in the following when obtaining finance:

    • a higher interest rate than for traditional loans
    • possibly a limit on the amount you can borrow
    • restrictions on the length of the loan
    • possibly a cash deposit to set against the cost of the loan
    • higher loan fees
    • additional documentation since you need to prove you are able to repay the loan
    • restrictions on what you can buy (for example, a newer vehicle since there is more value in it if repossession is necessary).

    We aim to make the whole process of getting a lease to own or rent to own vehicle as simple as possible with: 

    • a quick and easy application process with questions kept to the minimum
    • uploading of documents rather than a time-consuming postal process
    • a fast pre-approval so you are not kept waiting
    • simple terms and conditions with no nasty surprises.

    Our aim at RentBuyIt is to get you mobile in the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way through a bad credit car loan. At the same time, we’ll help you to improve your credit history by not putting you into debt that you can’t afford but instead ensuring that you can meet your commitments. That way, you’ll be able to get the car you need now and will be much better placed to do so again in the future.