Long Term Car Hire in Adelaide

Flexible Options for Adelaide Long Term Car Hire

Long term car hire in Adelaide is particularly popular with companies because it means they can outsource their vehicle fleet in a cost-effective way. But it’s also a viable option for individuals as an alternative to buying a car outright.

We can offer a variety of options for long term car rental in Adelaide to suit your budget and particular circumstances.

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Service is outstanding... It was quick and easy we got our car within 24hours and the car was in mint condition with less than 100km. Our family have been dealing with Travis for years and will always go back

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    Is a Long Term Car Lease in Adelaide Suitable for You?

    When you lease a vehicle, you are effectively renting it for a specified period, often between two and five years. You are entitled to use the vehicle during that period providing you continue to make the agreed payments. At the end of the agreement period, you can usually choose to:

    • hand the car back to the dealer
    • extend the lease for a further period and keep using the car
    • swap the vehicle for another one under a new lease
    • pay the market value or an agreed price to buy the car.

    Different types of leases are available, including novated leases to provide vehicles for individual employees and operating leases that are long-term rental agreements with no buy-back or renewal at the end. Some leases include maintenance and licensing of the vehicle so there are no other costs other than fuel.

    Leasing saves the up-front cost of buying and may be suitable for those who have difficulty obtaining a car loan to finance the purchase. It also gives the certainty of fixed payments and takes advantage of leasing companies’ ability to buy in quantity at discounted prices.

    A regular long-term car lease in Adelaide does have some disadvantages because there may be restrictions on what you can do with the vehicle, including a limit on annual mileage and a ban on making modifications without first obtaining permission. There may also be early termination fees if you want to end the lease to own car contract before the agreed date. The biggest drawback, however, is that the car may never become yours and so you are effectively paying out dead money.

    A Lease Agreement with Transfer of Ownership

    A sure way of overcoming the disadvantage of not owning the vehicle is to sign up for a rent-to-buy agreement with RentBuyIt. This has all the benefits of a conventional lease with the additional advantage that you know that providing you complete the payments in full and on time, you will eventually become the owner of the vehicle. Under the terms of the rent to buy agreement, you will make set payments over the term of the contract. Each payment will include a rental element as well as an amount towards the purchase price of the car. Once you complete the payments, the full price will have been met and the vehicle can become yours. With an extensive range of new and used vehicles, flexible terms,  and a willingness to help you obtain the car you need, we’ll help you achieve your aims at an affordable cost. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you. We also offer long term car hire in Melbourne and Brisbane as well as car finance for bad credit.

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