Frequently Asked Questions

We have an industry leading range of vehicles for our customers to choose from.

We have a variety of near new cars from trusted makes and models specializing in small to large Family vehicles including sedans, SUV’s and 7 seaters.

Through our long-term relationships with reputable suppliers we have the ability to pick and choose cars of the upmost quality.

As soon as we purchase a vehicle they are thoroughly inspected by our qualified mechanics. And only if they meet our strict quality standards they are available for selection.

All our cars come with a Road Worthy Certificate and a 3 Month or 10,000 km Warranty.

If we do not have a vehicle that you are after we will try and find one for you. Please ask our sales team for any more information.

At Autoflex we do credit checks to comply with our lending requirements. However, we understand that landscape of the workforce has changed. Many families have multiple incomes and individuals may be working 2 jobs on a part time or casual basis. You may also be a single parent earning sufficient income; be Self-employed or have Visa Restrictions.

You may have been locked out of conventional finance options such as Banks and financial company’s due to various reason whether it may be;

  • Credit Discrepancies
  • Bad Credit History
  • Late payments
  • Not meeting strict traditional criteria’s

We try and assist the many people in this category by carefully looking at your current financial situation rather than looking at your past. What we do is responsibly determine whether you can afford the repayments on the vehicle.

You can apply by sending us an Enquiry online, via email over the phone or even come on site where you can have a look at all our cars and we can assist you through the application process.

For more information on exactly what is required don’t hesitate to ask our friendly team.

Our deposits across most of our cars is a flat rate of $1,000. We give you the flexibility of paying more upfront if you choose allowing you to reduce your Weekly or Fortnightly repayments.
At Autoflex Leasing the difference is that you have the option to own the vehicle once all your required Weekly or Fortnightly repayments are made.

We do not charge any Balloon payments or make you pay a Market value price for the car at the end of your term. To take up the option to own the vehicle the only requirement at the end of your term is that you need to provide a Road Worthy Certificate and pay any Government charges associated with transferring the car into your name.

It is compulsory to have Full Comprehensive Insurance on your vehicle at all times throughout the term of the contract.

At Autoflex we have a Fleet Insurance scheme in place with a large and reputable Insurance company. This means for as little as $27 per week your car will be fully insured in case of accident.

You are free to pay off the car as quickly as you like without penalty.
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